FUTURE ARCHAEOLOGY is a deterritorialized fabulative media collaboration presented by a collective entity named Szi-Ka-Go-Pa-Kr-El, a corpse-like, semi-machine archaeologist of the future. The project is a game, a performance in digital space, exploring questions of the relationship between humans and nature and current ethical and ecological challenges within this context. The collaborative work consists of a blended body of audio-visual artefacts, created through the exquisite corpse technique, where each artist only reveals the last frame of the 2-minute short video for the next artist to attend. The resulting work has a rhizomatic, stitched-together body-like structure, presented as found footage from the past situated in an imagined future in a 3D space. The project is a collective act of figuration that can be related to Deleuzian ‘geophilosophy,’ where the figure of Szikago Pakrel is created by digging and discovering things from the past, present, and future. The paradox of "future archaeology" suggests that the origin, the Greek "Arche," lies in the future, allowing for poetic associations and immersive exploration of the work.


Elisabeth Brun (NO)
Gonzalo H. Rodriguez  (DE)
Kausik Gaush (IN)
Kristin Mjöll Bjarnad Johnsen (IS)
Paul R. Jones (UK)
Szilvia Ruszev (HU)

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Exquisite Corpse films: