3xShapes of Home (2020)

4k video, stereo sound
duration: 7 min
photo/sound/text/edit: Elisabeth Brun
co-edit: Magnus Berggren

The filmmaker revisits her childhood place in the Arctic North of Norway. Over two years, she explores through her camera how these environments have shaped her attachment and her thinking. Hunting for insight beyond herself she tests her relation to place, against the agency of the camera, the agency of an algorithm and the subjectivity of other creatures.
3xShapes of Home lingers somewehere between an essay film, a structural experiment and a visual poem.


2021 Screenworks 11.1

Awards / Mentions

2022  Best Video Essays 2021, Sight & Sound Magazine

2021  “Poetry by Video Artist” Award, Cadence Video Poetry Festival, Seattle (US).

2021  Special Mention,“Emerging Artist” Award, Mimesis Documentary Festival, Boulder, Colorado (US)

2020  Ivan Juritz Prize for Creative Experiment 2020, Visual Arts. King´s College, London, Cove Park; Scotland´s International Artist Residence Centre (UK).

Selected screenings

2023 Arquiteturas Film Festival, Porto (PT)
2022 Filmexplorer´s video-essay gallery, online/Basel Stadt Kino (CH)
2022  Seattle Art Museum (US)
2022  MOM Art space, Hamburg (DE)
2021  40th Uppsala Short Film Festival (SE)
2021  50th Festival de Nouveau Cinéma, Montreal

(CA) Les Nouveaux Alchimistes Section.
2021  67th International Short Film Festival Oberhausen (DE)
2021  18th Vienna Shorts (AUT)
2021  International Architecture Film Festival of Lund (SE)
2021 Istanbul International Experimental Film Festival (TR)
2021 Bogota Experimental Film Festival (CO)
2021 Cadence Video Poetry Festival, Seattle (US)
2021 Mimesis Documentary Festival, Colorado (US)

Ivan Juritz Prize Jury of the Visual Arts, Josephine Pryde:

“Elisabeth Brun's film 3 x Shapes of Home is a very subtly, finely timed piece of work that launches a kind of weightless shuttle to take us between voice, text and image as it unfolds inits examination of place...

..'It's about forms and how they shape the way we see, the narrator tells us at one point, and it is, but in terms of judging an artist's work, it is also about having the courage to attempt to create a form as you go, to embed yourself in the film's material, almost, and to move with it.”